What is it to ride Explorateur?


All Explorateur frames are 100% custom built. We mix tubes and detailing to create the perfect match to the rider and the type of riding he or she wants to do on the bike.

The main concept is our use of the  Ritchey Break-Away  – that allows you to pack the entire bike down into a standard sized suitcase  which can be checked in on airlines as normal luggage – or slip through the eurostar scanners  with ease. This is a game changer if you travel with a bike.

The Explorateur

Go anywhere, Ride anything.


We usually build a copy  using the riders current geometry so he or she sits in the same position on both bikes. We  refine tube lengths where possible for a cleaner aesthetic. If you let us know what type of bike, type of riding, type of braking you fancy – then we’ll get back to you with some initial suggestions.

Kadir Guirey and Max Broby are Explorateur.

Kadir, classic bicycle collector.
Max, architect and designer.

Max and Kadir saw the need for a bike that gives the owner not only the freedom to travel and explore with ease but also the chance to possess a bicycle that is unique in its style, beauty and function. Explorateur draws on both Max’s design experience and Kadir’s  love of classic and modern bicycle aesthetics to create a modern classic.