Rob Jonas

Rob Jonas

Who are you?
Rob Jonas, Londoner born-and-bred, but now living in sunny California.


What do you do?
I work in high growth technology companies, typically growing revenue and am currently SVP Revenue at Factual in Los Angeles


Where you have been with your Explorateur?
My explorateur was born in the UK, but quickly moved to San Francisco where it has been based for the last 18 months. Apart from enjoying the amazing riding in the Bay Area, it has also spent time in Los Angeles, Florida and the Cote d’Azur, France.


What other bikes do you own?
I have three Condor bikes: a carbon road Baracchi, a Pista single speed and a Terra-X cyclocross bike. I also have my second explorateur on its way .


Why did you choose an Explorateur?
I travel a lot and not having a bike with me is always painful. At 6’5″, rentals are not always and option and the experience is always hit and miss, so my explorateur allows to me take a world class road bike with me wherever I go.


Has the bike ever drawn comment?
Regularly, mostly because of the luscious 1974 Porsche Midnight blue paintwork, but even more so when other riders realize it’s a breakaway.